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Zheng Chouyu at the moment is cheap nike air max 90 hyperfuse the Golden Gate to teach. Who was born in Shandong, speaking in a northern accent professor and poet, is difficult to associate with Minnan accent, speaking in a thick, we see Ishii Zheng Chenggong hometown Cheng tribe. But his mouth from father to know Koxinga's grandson Zheng Ke-shuang after surrendering in 1683, to any officer's descendants. He genealogy "Zheng password projections should Zheng Chenggong after 15 generations (Cheng family generational password based on the five elements of the radical word to be recycled). From Zheng Zhi, Zheng three generations fact in history has been to demonize. "Said Zheng Chouyu. He believes that, from the vision of Zheng Zhilong, Zheng Chenggong, Zhengyilinran, Zheng Jing to the civil and military in Qing dynasty control history text, are deliberately distorted. "Said Kinmen tree chopped down by Zheng Chenggong shipbuilding, words are the problem." The poet said, the "Zheng Chenggong ship is not in Kinmen made, at most, in the Golden Gate ship repair." From the beginning of the 16th century, Netherlands wanted to follow the example of the Portuguese, to find a port of trade with China, the first choice in Macau. In 1603 and 1622, the Netherlands twice attempted to force against Macau, are repulsed by the Portuguese, they usurped Penghu, not only in the Penghu fortification, kidnapping people still Fujian coast, many times the harassment of Chinese coastal areas by force. Qing court ordered Fujian officials expelled the Dutch, but the governor of Fujian Southern Habitat beneficial and Coronel Mesquita Yu the consultative Gao turned in unreported court case by the good offices of the maritime Lee once privately with the Dutch signed an agreement in 1624 to allow them to abandon Penghu, go to Taiwan.

Ming Dynasty some knowledge of local officials are very concerned about the Dutch occupation of Taiwan, a letter to the South home to many benefits, requirements gradually became popular razed. Helpless Ming national strength growing since recession, can not take care of a lonely overseas Taiwan.

Zheng Zhilong rise in the sea at this time, he unified all forces, to keep hares relationship with the Dutch. He had at least twice with the Dutch armed conflict to defeat Netherlands aggression vessels. Each defeat after immediately signed with the Netherlands Tsusho agreement, an attempt to monopolize the trade between China and the Netherlands. Expand both the first clash in the the general Min West Asia north of the city, ZHENG thousand people come to the siege, but were repulsed by the Dutch fowling piece. The next day naval warfare, the Netherlands only two warships - Hector numbers and Sri Lanka, Guerra Fran, and transport vessels and speedboats each one played. ZHENG warships volume is far better than the Dutch main warships, but the number is far more than the Netherlands. ZHENG over kobe 8 cheap 60 warships surrounded by enemies, and violent attacks. Dutch ship Hector fire, the powder keg explosion and sank. The Sri Lanka Guerra Fran No. serious injuries and the remaining two boats escape.

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The Koxinga led more than 170,000 nike kobe 7 cheap troops, more than 3,000 ships of the size of the vessel. Special ZHENG this also bring his family counterparts, perhaps a way to express the determination. In any case, this ZHENG is truly out in force, is done. Join the army Pan Geng Bell and the admirals Gan Hui first suggested that the army does not have Jigong Nanjing, should be entrenched Guazhou, Nanjing backup both off, can not fight. Zheng Chenggong not listen. Gan Hui suggested, such as the fight Nanjing, should attack from the land as soon as possible, Zheng Chenggong not adopted. So the army along the Yangtze, due to sail against boat fiber Fraser, ten days later to arrive in Nanjing.ZHENG by Fengyi door landing, Zheng Chenggong Yaoji the Ming Xiaoling TaiZu high and the emperor, said: "success hate alien's Rukou, the pain of since the arrival of the royal family; not to mention Ning at. Raw poly decades, sound righteous million ; taken it for granted both to the closing Beijing, Yuan mention division of the Northern Expedition. ancestors passed away, the Saneatsu Sukeyuki! "Zaibai the weep and mourn moving forces, the officers and men are all exciting.

At this time, Gan Hui again recommend siege, immediately the Zheng Chenggong or not to listen to suggestions, re-Shi Zhenjiang so intellectual, ordered the siege. Nanjing the admirals to book, said that the Qing Dynasty orders the Assassins 30 did not fall, not the crime and their families hope that the army wait 30 days. Zhujiang stalling tactics, but the Zheng Chenggong still confidently that Nanjing will drop. Zheng Chenggong Minnan more than ten years of operation, the last or only mastered the Kinmen-Xiamen and other islands. Full description of the the Zheng Chenggong military weakness: can the next City can not defenders, good sea battle and poor land battles. Many later historians comment Koxinga Northern Expedition Nanjing that his opinionated biggest flaw, and that he should listen to the recommendations of the Gan Hui and others should not attack Nanjing, Nanjing after the defeat should not make hasty withdrawal.

History can not be used "If we had ...... ......" this sentence to question, but we are very difficult to hold back less thinking. I can not help thinking: to Zheng Chenggong if not arbitrary, it is not Koxinga; Zheng Chenggong will not be dismantled in South Army, it would be difficult to get out. More important, not the defeat of Nanjing made no later Dongzheng that move. As history may have a greater change. Zheng Chouyu very Zheng Chenggong's treatment uneven. If the call The Zheng Chouyu Taiwan's most cheap nike lebron 10 famous poet, probably very few people would oppose. His famous saying: "I Dada Horseshoe beautiful mistake, I'm not a people who will be a passing ..." and so on, almost a little bit of understanding of Taiwanese literature can be catchy. He is also the descendants of Zheng Chenggong.

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On the other hand, Zheng cheap nike air max 90 Chenggong know the Manchu emperor both conferences thoughts the local Morimasa scruples He therefore took the opportunity to send troops around the requisitions in Fujian, a gold rates 200,000, over 50,000 stone rice, Billund Wu Zhaoting combined taxes in Fujian.1654, Junji sealed he Jinghai General rank, promised he springs, Zhangzhou, benefits, tidal government land, which is already bigger than Zheng Chenggong really control geographical. Junji allow him to maintain their own military forces, sent to forage, and under Wenguanwuqiang by his discretion appointment, "sea bandits have the opportunity you crusade against it". Given conditions is extremely tempting. Zheng Chenggong to his father after the meetings and in the letter, the letter says: "and the proposed implementation of non-early heart. Unexpectedly Qing Dynasty to the the Siena public life of the government the sudden to children forced to soldiers to show letter, followed by four House of life and to , children forced to pick Zhaoyi shown in the letter. For Please beneficial, taking into account of the aftermath of the original planted hundreds of thousands of soldiers all the solid yuzhen. ...... the Qing Dynasty Luo talent to strengthen border province, when hesitate to land; in child safety and soldiers will be sui livelihood of the people, will use the land. ...... the world Hath unaffected and then concede defeat were almost? Hath not concede defeat in the world the light Dressed Down? ... if the letter of the Qing Dynasty children Introduction, compared to the Qing Dynasty; fruit do not believe children words, compared with MANSON. "Finally, he added," in case Wufu Unfortunately, the day, life also. the child only Gaosu revenge guitar filial piety Board ear. "

In a letter to his brother, then put it more frankly to pull off: "brother of loyalty and self-restraint, irrelevant interest is not enough to move my heart, that is added to the ax also essential shift Wuzhi any holy? Decision of early and chips of cooked carry. "if both this point, Zheng Chenggong Manchu talk and also shattered. Zheng Chenggong by peace talks, has been fighting for two years of rest and preparation. Taking advantage of clear back to Beijing, the Zheng Chenggong initiative, first take Zhangzhou, have rates of 1 million two, then tackled Tongan, Southampton, Hui'an. In 1655, he re-capture of Xianyou, morale has been boosted.

Later historians often argue Zheng Chenggong in years 1654,1655 Manchu negotiations, what is not really want to invite the summation. Know the real answer of this question, I am afraid only of Zheng Chenggong own. Zheng Chenggong familiar with the rationale of warfare is based on deception, good diversionary measure, but it is fully aware of. Anyway, Zheng Chenggong never received generous conditions proposed by the Qing Dynasty, which the conferences, maintains forward and attack, retreat to the position, and always take the initiative, in which a lot of interests. Since then, the two sides continue cheap nike air max 90 vt correspondence, but a war of words, a few to the point of decorum. Manchu So ZhengZhiLong imprisonment, later surrendered to the Qing Cheng Chi leopard the exile to Ningguta and to dispatch the eldest son of economic degrees again Xingbing the south, ready to fight to the death with Zheng Chenggong. We can see Zheng Chenggong's plan is to attack and occupy Jiangnan Yangtze River as the boundary, and then the confrontation with the Qing Jiangnan people, so extra care business. He apparently believes that this war is not only to win, but must win "Wang Shi gesture. Zheng Chenggong heavily influenced by Confucian seems this time revealed, but almost Yuru behavior, but also so that he lost the initiative in the military.

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